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As a theatre practitioner, I have responded to some of what we have heard about in the past 3 days:

· How do we work across trans-national contexts to enable understandings of other contexts; or lives different in terms of context and materiality?

· What emerges through limitations of singular interventions (e.g.: while we may speak of particular art forms, such as Louise Bernard’s discussion of Thrival Geographies at the Venice Biennale; or as Honor Ford-Smith mentions, the limitations of theatre practice alone; we must also understand how NGOs and grassroots activism work together to make change possible).

· Constant challenge of representations of violence, pain and ambivalence*.

· The fraught issue of recognition/ the apology.**

Osmosis, Pic by Fenia Kotsopoulou

· In many of the talks about art/ interventions, speakers note these alongside deeply experienced everyday understanding, vernacular and moments.

I begin to consider the issue of virtuality, the speculative, the potential that is discussed by Muñoz, Silva and others.

‘Descriptors of virtuality –namely transubstantiality, transversality, and traversality – […] signal the kind of imaging of the World announcing a Black Feminist Poethics’ (2014: 93).

DENISE FERREIRA DA SILVA (2014) Toward a Black Feminist Poethics: The Quest(ion) of Blackness Toward the End of the World. The Black Scholar, 44(2): pp.81 – 97.

* This point was highlighted by the circulations of violence/ state violence within nations.

** This is considered by Vanessa-Eileen Thompson about decolonial justice.


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