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The Scholar

As a scholar and essayist, my interdisciplinary work explores embodied experience in the context of Afro-diasporic politics and worldbuilding. My most recent works reflect on how we make sense out of time, particularly in relation to the body, in the light of African/diasporic history.


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  • Allen-Paisant J. 2023. Thinking with Spirits: Engaging Art and the Political with Aimé Césaire. Oxford University Press (forthcoming).

  • Performing Black Futures (special issue of parallax guest edited by Jason Allen-Paisant), Vol. 27.4, 2021.

  • Allen-Paisant J. 2021. Thinking with Trees. Manchester: Carcanet (Currently longlisted for the OCM Bocas Prize for Caribbean Literature, 2022)

Peer-reviewed articles



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Book Chapters

  • 2021. Dante in Caribbean Poetics: Power, Language, Race. In: Lombardi E; Gragnolati M; Southerden F (eds.) Oxford Handbook on Dante. Oxford University Press, pp. 668-685.

  • 2021. Towards a National Theatre. In: Dalleo R; Forbes C (eds.) Caribbean Literature in Translation, Vol. 2. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 68-81

Invited Talks

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