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I regularly appear on radio and other media platforms, participating in educational activities as an expert in poetry, Black history, and as a writer whose work explores embodied experience in the context of Afro-diasporic politics. I contribute insights and perspectives to the public discourse around Black history, local (UK) environmental issues, and global ecological challenges.


In 2023, Manchester Literature Festival and Manchester Art Gallery co-commissioned me to create a trio of exquisite, sensual and playful poems inspired by paintings and garments in the gallery’s collection and recent Dandy Style exhibition. 

I performed ‘Boasty’, ‘Dreaming of silk wescuts’ and ‘Sir Gregory Page-Turner’ for the first time at an intimate event at Manchester Art Gallery on 14 October 2023. I also discussed fashion and style, identity and fluidity, poetry and language, the Black male body and its presence in a  conversation with host Malika Booker. This film captures me performing ‘Boasty’ in the gallery in Autumn 2023 alongside the ‘wool waistcoat with a red, white & black check’ that inspired the poem.


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